Thanks for volunteering! You are providing a valuable service to Accessibility Services Students.


We would like to offer you a Letter of Reference at the end of term for your work. You just need to request it by sending an email to

How to Upload Notes

1. Click on Course/Notes on the upper left button.
2. Log-in with your WebAdvisor username and password.
3. Fill in the necessary information such as First name, last name, student number, email address, and a nickname.
4. Select course.
5. Select agree to the confidential agreement.
6. Upload sample notes.


Some things to remember as a volunteer note taker:

- Upload notes regularly, after every class if possible.
- Course number and course name should be visible on first page
- If you miss a class, ask a classmate if you can upload their notes
- Photocopy scans of notes are acceptable, just make sure they are very clear
- Cellphone photos are not permitted


If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know!